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"Harness the power of Data & Technology: Reach new heights "

Our Data & Technology service offers a range of solutions for businesses to increase efficiency through generative AI, unlock the power of data and improve engagement using digital twins. 


At Maycode, we deliver predictive data & technology solutions, advanced Data Analytics, and visualisation to help organisations make informed decisions. Our Solutions include

  • Generative AI

  • Data Analysis

  • Business Intelligence

  • Metaverse

  • Data Science (AI & ML)

  • Dashboard reporting

  • Visualization & Insights

  • Cloud Solutions (migration into cloud).

We support our clients through generative AI to train custom Large Language Models (LLMs) on proprietary data to provide real time insights, predictive analytics, and integration.  Similarly automate regulatory watch and adapt required changes to policies, procedure lifecycle and its audit monitoring to meet global regulatory standards and periodic reviews. Several areas of improvement include;

  • Compliance

  • Personalized consumer experiences

  • Cost-efficient operation

  • Improved risk management

  • Dynamic forecasting and reporting

Furthermore, Maycode metaverse services support clients to develop strategies to operate and interact in transformative ways both within teams and customers. This transformation will help clients create competitive advantage needed to improve processes through people, technology, and innovation.

Data & Technology

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