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Responsible AI Policy

Global Regulatory Compliance, Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer the potential for great improvements for clients and our business: At Complia, we are deeply committed to advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology responsibly and ethically. As we continue to innovate and develop AI solutions, we uphold the following core principles, reflecting our dedication to creating AI that is beneficial, fair, and trustworthy.

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Accuracy and Reliability

Our AI systems are engineered for industry-leading accuracy and reliability, ensuring that their outputs are traceable, increasingly dependable, and trustworthy.

Fairness and Human-Centricity

In designing and deploying our AI, we prioritize human oversight and incorporate diverse perspectives. Our AI aligns with our firm values, actively mitigating risks of bias and unfair discrimination.

Safety and Ethics

Safety is paramount in our AI development. We prioritize human life, health, property, and environmental safety, aligning our practices with ESG principles to uphold the highest ethical standards.

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Accountability and Transparency

We maintain rigorous oversight throughout the AI lifecycle. Our processes in developing and using AI systems are transparent, making decision-making understandable and accountable.

Client-Centric AI Development

We will adhere to the LISA framework by:

  • Listening to users' needs, preferences, and concerns.

  • Involving clients in design decisions to reflect the diversity of our user base.

  • Sharing simple and transparent privacy policies, prioritizing user privacy and trust.

  • Auditing our AI tools regularly, inviting external reviews to ensure accountability and address unintended consequences.

Interpretability and Documentation

Our AI systems are designed to be interpretable and comprehensible. We document all design decisions and development protocols, aligning them with our Responsible AI principles.

Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation

We establish rigorous standards for the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of our AI systems, ensuring they meet ethical, legal, social, and performance benchmarks.

Enhanced Privacy and Data Governance

We develop our AI systems with a strong focus on privacy, security, and data governance, respecting confidentiality and intellectual property rights.

Responsible Vendor and Partner Engagement

We exercise thorough due diligence and continuous oversight in our selection of third-party vendors and partners, ensuring they align with our ethical standards.

Continuous Learning and Development

We are dedicated to the continual learning and development of our AI systems. Through adaptive training, feedback mechanisms, user education, and compliance audits, we ensure our AI remains aligned with ethical, legal, and societal standards.

We believe these principles are essential for the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies. They guide our efforts to create AI solutions that are not only innovative but also respectful of ethical norms and societal values.

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