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AI & ML Legal & Compliance

Executive Insight Bootcamp

For executives ready to maximize the benefits of Gen AI, AI & ML,and AI Conversational Agents in Compliance.

event summary

  • Exploration of Gen AI, AI & ML and AI Conversational Agent Opportunities in Risk, Compliance and Legal.

  • Attendees: 10 - 20 executives from financial services

  • Location: London and Luxembourg with various dates to choose.

  • Duration: 9 am to 12.00 pm (3-hour workshop)


Adetoyese Adedokun


A compliance expert and leader with over 20 years experience in compliance delivering internal audit, ESG, risk, project management and compliance solutions to top tier FS across Europe, Americas, Africa and beyond. Before founding Complia, he was Head of Compliance, remediation lead, Audit/Advisory expert and most recent an compliance AI evangelist.​

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Sultan Mahmood


A technology leader with vast experience innovating and leading technology design & delivery. Succesfully helped clients get the most out of technology innovation across various industries such as FS, Utilities and many more. Previously Senior Partner roles include UK & EMEA lead for AI & ML and Intelligent Automation for PwC.

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