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Effective risk management and compliance programs are critical elements to avoid license violation, reputational damage and impact on business relationships. As a trusted leader in risk management, regulatory compliance and internal audit, we partner with our clients to empower their business with our tailored solutions. Maycode ensure our solutions continually enhance risk visibility, enabling a more swift response to change and uncertainty.


This is achieved with our expertise in compliance, Audit, reporting, governance, investigations, regulatory issues, reputation management and risk. We are dedicated to supporting our clients to protect and enhance their enterprise value in an increasingly complex regulatory and economic environment.  Our offerings are;


  • Due Diligence

  • Risk Assessment

  • Monitoring and Testing

  • Audit

  • Regulatory Watch & Health Checks

  • Compliance

  • Policy Writing

  • Gap Analysis

  • Oversight and control

  • Outsourced Compliance support

Risk & Compliance

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